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  • Nic F. Anderson

Trans Journalist, Advocate, Radio Host Dies At 59

Photo source: Facebook/Rebecca Juro

Transgender Advocate, journalist and radio host, Rebecca Juro, died on December 17 at 59 years old to lung cancer.

Her brother, Steve, made the announcement last week: “Sad news… my sister Rebecca Juro passed away last night. She lived a tough, multi-faceted life that took her down a number of different paths. She was a writer, a strong advocate for Trans issues, a companion for my mother, a punk rocker (Joan Jett groupie, see picture), and many other things…. She would always fight for what she believed. She was battling lung cancer, thought she was beating it, but then it took her. We will miss her and she will always be remembered.”

She was one of the most prolific voices in LGBTQ+ media and was published in New York City’s Gay City News, The Advocate,, The Huffington Post, South Florida Gay News, Chicago’s Windy City Times, LGBT Nation, The Bilerico Project, amongst others.

Juro came out as transgender in 1997 and became a fierce advocate for transgender rights, representation and joy. For example, in 2006, she was a trailblazer in early podcasting with her internet radio program, “The Rebecca Juro Show.”

The Bilerico Project and LGBTQ Nation editor, Bil Browning, wrote on Facebook to express his grief: “The world lost a warrior today. I find myself with no words big enough to say about the woman who refused to shut up… While your voice may not be heard anymore, Rebecca Juro, thanks in part to your inspiration and determination, the T is not silent.”

Juro was born in New York City and spent half of her childhood in Manhattan with her father and New Jersey with her mother. From 2016 until the time of her death, she lived in Philadelphia.

She is survived by her family and friends.

Photo source: Facebook/Steve Juro

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