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  • Nic F. Anderson

The Queens Pride Parade Is Back With a New Name, New Look And New Leadership

After an almost two year break, Queens Pride will return to Jackson Heights on June 5 with a new look, name and leadership.

Since 1993, the Queens Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee ran Queens pride parade and festival. This year, the parade and festival is being run by the LGBT Network and is being dubbed “The New Queens Pride” and is going to be the borough’s 30th year hosting the event.

The LGBT Network is a non-profit organization in Queens and Long Island. The organization has been around for 29 years and has community centers throughout the borough.

President and CEO of LGBT Network, Dr. David Kilmnick, said: “Thirty years ago, Queens Pride was started because of a brutal murder of Julio Rivera and the intense homophobia in our schools over teaching students about LGBT people… Pride is about visibility and creating a place of safety and a sense of belonging and community for people who may not have it. It is about giving hope and celebrating our diverse cultures and identities. And it is about a movement of people who are the most fierce and resilient communities one will ever encounter,” Kilmnick said.

Getting everything in order, especially permits from the NYPD, is already in progress, according to former Councilman and LGBT Network chair Danny Dromm.

“The Queens Pride Parade and Festival is integral to all other LGBTQ+ organizing in the borough. It must continue… The last two years without Queens Pride have been difficult but the future looks bright. The New Queens Pride will bring us all together to celebrate our gains and will let everyone know that LGBTQIA people are their family, friends, and neighbors. Queens Pride is a true community event enjoyed by all,” Dromm said.

The New Queens Pride will take place in person and on the street of Jackson Heights on Sunday, June 5.

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