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  • Nic F. Anderson

ROLL CALL: LGBTQ+ People on IG to Follow | Jan. 31, 2022 Edition

In light of certain social media platforms purposing deleting and shadow banning LGBTQ+ accounts and creators, Queer on the Street wants to fight back. Every Monday, Queer on the Street posts a round-up, or what we like to call a "roll call," of LGBTQ+ accounts, creators, musicians and every day LGBTQ+ people to follow on Instagram.

Reading, watching and listening to LGBTQ+ people can open up a different world to folks who are in search of finding people similar to them, something else, and more. It's not a new concept, but connections can be made with people online either and in different ways. For example, this can look like a follower-content creator relationship, collaborations, finding someone new to talk to in the comment sections, or whatever. Sometimes these connections can lead to everlasting friendships.

Supporting LGBTQ+ people in any capacity is crucial. In no particular order, here are the people and organizations for this week:

Here are this week's LGBTQ+ content creators on Instagram:

@browniepointsforyou | candles, jewelry, clothing, prints and more

@bigbabypokes | Hand-poke tattoo artist

@junglepussy | rapper, actress (NYC)

@bigdykeenergyldn | Queer rave "with no rules"

@itsfemaletrouble | Lesbian parties, events

@tiffanyheathersamantha | Actor, singer, performer (NYC)

@theebiancastar | Quarantine Baby Queen and Pop Party Princess of HK NYC, Performer (NYC)

@bolognasandwichglass | queer stained glass artist

@beeillustrates | illustrator, creative

@destinationtomorrow452 | The LGBTQ Center of the Bronx (NYC)

@dj_culi | DJ (NYC)

@butch4butches | Butch lesbian erotica

@elsewherespace | performance and event venue (NYC)

@dykebeer | Founded in Brooklyn, tribute to lost Dyke space (NYC)

@glo_inthecity | Comedian, actor, writer, director, reiki (NYC)

@gloria_swansong | Performer, drag artist, designer (NYC)

@azulnog | Artist, curator

@hsunbeam | Fashionista, comedian, performer (NYC)