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  • Nic F. Anderson

Quick Hit News: “Buck Up And Ride” Players Upset Over LGBT+ Toggle in Game

“Buck Up And Drive,” an arcade racer game, has an LGBTQ+ toggle that turns all billboards in the game into pride flags. Some users are upset about this.

“Buck Up And Drive! aims to tap into that nostalgia. It merges all that Outrun provided us in the late ’80s and early ’90s with an anime Initial-D-style graphical palette. Then it lets you loose on procedurally generated stages to perform a mixture of stunts, trying to reach the end of the stage before the time limit is up,” according to Traxion, a gaming site.

The game has an overall positive rating on Steam, a platform to buy, play, create and discuss PC video games. Despite this, a few negative and angry reviews from players have appeared.

Pride flags already appear in the game, the toggle makes all billboards pride flags.

Fábio Fontes, the toggle’s developer, told with Gayming Magazine, “Among the randomly placed billboards on the sides of the road, there are a couple of Pride flags (rainbow and trans)… I figured… screw it, might as well have some fun with it… Some people foaming at the mouth slightly more than they would’ve already, just for having the flags in the first place (some not getting it and thinking the toggle just doesn’t do anything), and a collective belly laugh from everyone else.”

“Buck Up and Drive” was released Jan. 10.

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