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  • Nic F. Anderson

Queer on the Street Launches “Map of Queer Bars in NYC” Map

Queer on the Street, an online LGBTQ+ news and culture online magazine based in New York City, officially launched its Map of Queer Bars in NYC this year.

While the list is not complete, there are more than 60 official LBBTQ+ bars on the list along with unofficial gay bars.

“We are still in a pandemic. I only suggest folks go out to bars if they’re vaccinated and get tested regularly,” Nic F. Anderson, founder and editor-in-chief of Queer on the Street, said. “Night life is a big - but not all encompassing - part of gay culture which is why I wanted to put together the map along with the Gay Agenda, the calendar we have.”

Bars on the list include Manhattan hot spots such as Stonewall Inn, Pieces, Monster, and so on. “There are so many more gay bars than just the ones in Manhattan,” Anderson said. “There are gay bars in Brooklyn, obviously, but also in Queens and in Harlem.”

Due to the pandemic, many gay bars across the nation faced closure due to losing money during the closures. Several bars such as Julius' Bar and Stonewall Inn started crowd sourcing websites for their employees to help them supplement the lost income.

“I applaud the bars that closed down to keep our community safe and love the ones that actually enforce proof of vaccination,” Anderson said. “We already have lost so many of our community members before COVID-19… we don’t know how many more we have lost.”

The map is located on Queer on the Street’s homepage and with the Gay Agenda.

“If you don’t see a gay bar on the list, send me an email,” Anderson said. ”My email is — I check it often.”

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