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  • Nic F. Anderson

Press Release: Queer on the Street Announces Transparency Plan

Queer on the Street, a New York City based online news source for LGBTQ+ news, released its transparency statement today. “It’s important to me for our readers, both current and potential, to trust us,” Nic F. Anderson, founder and editor-in-chief, said.

Transparent media is not a new concept; however, journalists and media organizations have taken a hit over the last few years and lost some of the public’s trust. Anderson said it's "time to make transparency a priority."

"It’s about rebuilding the public's trust in news organizations again," Anderson said even though they never had any issues with their previous news site, yungmiga, they want Queer on the Street to be better.

"I want our readers, both current and future, to understand that there's more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to reporting some of the heavy-hitting stories. What they see is a 500 plus word article but don't see the hours, emails, phone calls, follow-up, interviews, document analysis, etc. that goes into putting that story together. It's lot of work," Anderson said. "I believe that if we give if the reader a behind-the-scenes look into the process of how a story was reported; providing them with the information they need to fact-check us, if they would like; showing them where money is coming and going; and so on... it can open the door of trust.”

Anderson graduated from Wilbur Wright College and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois, where they worked as an editor for The Wright Times and NEIU Independent newspapers. After graduating, they went on to work as a news reporter for the Mount Prospect Journal and freelance in their free time.

“It was at the Wright Times, NEIU Independent and the Journal where I really developed my sense of determination to build up my reputation as a transparent and honest journalist,” Anderson said.

Queer on the Street’s transparency statement is available under the “transparency” section. Anderson said that as Queer on the Street grows, the transparency document will be updated to reflect those changes.

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