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  • Nic F. Anderson

Five LGBTQ+ TV Shows We Loved in 2022

There were more than 20 LGBTQ+ shows that came out or had another season this year – so many that we didn’t get a chance to watch them all! Before breaking out the champagne, some LGBTQ+ TV shows were canceled, such as Gentleman Jack, the reboot of Charmed and Legendary, and other shows are up in the air if there will be a second season, like A League of Their Own and The L Word: Generation Q.

A League of Their Own (streaming on Prime Video)

A League of Their Own follows the story of historic Rockford Peaches, the all-American professional women’s baseball team during World War II. One of the main characters, Carson (played by Abbi Jacobson), leaves her small town while her husband is at war to play professional baseball – a lifelong dream of hers since she was a child. During this time she is forced to confront who she is as a person. Other characters go through their own journeys and struggle with racism and homophobia – some have to deal with a combination of the two. Every episode left me in tears.

The L Word: Generation Q (streaming on Showtime)

The L Word: Generation Q was a long-awaited reboot for me. I needed to know what happened to Jenny Schecter, what happened to Max (and why the F they made the only trans character GET PREGNANT?), etc, etc, etc. The first L Word may have been progressive for its time and an “awakening” for many (myself included), but it was still problematic and riddled with racism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia and so much more. The L Word: Generation Q is much better this time, and I hope it continues to improve.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (streaming on Paramount+)

Need I say more? (But it is essential to remember that he "leases" the minerals and water on his land in Wyoming to oil and fracking companies)

Gentleman Jack (streaming on HBO – for now)

Gentleman Jack takes place in the mid-1800s in West Yorkshire, England and follows Annie Lister who is fighting to save her family home. She is willing to do whatever it takes, but she experiences several bumps along the way. Without giving too many spoilers, she is forced to confront everything she thought she knew.

One spoiler: Gentleman Jack was canceled. ):

What We Do in the Shadows (streaming on Hulu)

Thank Gaga What We Do in the Shadows was renewed for seasons five and six. Every character in this show is wildly funny in their own way. What We Do in the Shadows is shot in a mockumentary style (Think: The Office but actually funny. Sorry, but The Office isn't funny). I think Nadja may be my favorite pansexual character on screen right now.

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