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  • Nic F. Anderson

It’s #DeafLGBTQWeek

It’s National Deaf LGBTQ+ week, a project that began in 2018 by the Deaf Queer Resource Center and now occurs annually in April, with alternating weeks. This year’s National Deaf LGBTQ Week is from April 4-10.

The Deaf Queer Resource Center is a QTPOC LGBTQ-led nonprofit based out of San Fransisco, California. The week highlights and raises awareness on the deaf and hard of hearing community, specifically those who are also in the LGBTQ+ community in the United States.

Five Ways to show up for deaf peers:

  1. Learn basic signs: There are many YouTube videos on the internet that will teach you basic signs for things such as how are you?; my name is…; what is your name; and other commonly used greetings and phrases.

  2. Take an ASL class: Queer ASL is an online ASL class taught by two deaf queer people. There are constantly new class cycles.

  3. Make an effort: Include deaf people but don’t assume that all deaf people can read lips, especially now considering we wear masks.

  4. Remember: Deaf people can do everything you can except hear so make the accommodation but don’t overdo it. For starters, it’s weird. Imagine someone treating you differently because you’re short.

  5. Subtitles: If you make videos, especially on social media (yes, stories count), use subtitles. TikTok has a feature that will autogenerate subtitles; however, it isn’t perfect. Review the subtitles and fix the words or sentences that aren’t correct.

Five Deaf Content Creators to Follow:

1. Chrissy Trubiz

2. Chella Man

3. Shaheem

4. Bruce

5. SilentWorld

Editor's note: When National Deaf LGBTQ+ week is over, deaf community members don't cease to exist. Continue to do the work.

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