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  • Nic F. Anderson

Data Shows Increase in LGBTQ+ Rights Support Despite Increase In Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Across U.S.

A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that despite anti-LGBTQ+ legislation popping up all over the United States, there has been an increase in support for LGBTQ+ rights in the country.

Support for non-discrimination laws has reached an all-time high, with approximately eight in 10 (79%) Americans in favor of passing laws that would protect LGBTQ+ individuals against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations and housing, according to the survey. This is an 11% increase since 2015 (71%).

Recent anti-LGBTQ+ laws, some of which are pending signature of the governor of the state in question (marked with an asterisk), include Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay or Trans”* bill and “Stop WOKE Act”*; Indiana’s bill preventing trans students from participating in school sports*; South Dakota’s curriculum censorship bill*; Arizona’s bill that prevents some healthcare for trans youth and another from banning trans students to participate in school sports; amongst others.

According to the study, approximately 89% of democrats, 82% independents and 65% of republicans favor non-discrimination provisions for LGBTQ+ people.

Along with this, 66% of Americans oppose allowing a small business owner in their state to refuse services or provide products to gay or lesbian people if the refusal was under the guise of violating their religious beliefs. Nearly 85% of democrats, 66% of independents and 44% of republicans oppose religiously based refusals.

Read the full report, “Americans’ Support for Key LGBTQ Rights Continues to Tick Upward,” on the PRRI’s website.

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