CTA Pride Month: Rainbow Train Cars

CTA trains passing each other | H. Michael Miley | Used under Creative Commons license.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has joined in on the Pride Month celebration by decorating several of the L cars with rainbow decals.

The trains with the rainbow pride decal will run on the Red Line, which runs through Chicago’s Northside and Southside neighborhoods. This is the third year in a row CTA has used decals to decorate several of the L cars with rainbow colors.

Chicago’s Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) funded the train cars with the inside of the rainbow cars decorated with graphics of information on HBHC.

Stu Zirin of Northalsted Business Alliance told the Chicago Sun Times, “Fifty years ago, it was against the law for homosexuals to congregate. The police would arrest us.”

In regard to the rainbow crosswalks in Boystown, Zirin added, “As we step onto the crosswalks, we have to remember our history and hard it was – as we look forward to a bright future.”

For more information about Chicago Pride events, please visit Northalsted’s website here.

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