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  • Nic F. Anderson

Colorado Survey Shows Overall High COVID Vaccine Rates Among LGBTQ+ Youth

A recent survey out of Colorado reported that there is an overall high percentage of COVID-19 vaccination rates among LGBTQ+ youth in Colorado. LGBTQ+ youth respondents were reported to be vaccinated at a rate of 77% compared to their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts (65%).

The survey, “Colorado Youth & Young Adult COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Results,” by Out Boulder County in partnership with El Centro AMISTAD polled 420 Colorado LGBTQ+ youth between 12- and 24-years old with 37 questions last year, between Aug. 19 and Oct. 31. The survey outlined vaccination rates by sexual orientation, gender identity, race and race.

“At the time this survey was designed in collaboration with adult staff and youth interns hired for the project, there were no state or county data on vaccination rates of youth and young adults belonging to marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ+, Hispanic/Latinx, Neurodivergent and Disabled—often unseen in data collection efforts,” the report stated, “Similarly, there were no data on vaccine acceptance, hesitancy and resistance rates and reasons of unvaccinated youth, nor on whether youth in marginalized groups face barriers to vaccination that other youth do not face.”

Roughly 68% of the sample population consisted of 12- to 17-year-olds, 31% between 18- and 24-years-old and 1% did not answer the age questions.

Approximately 72% of respondents reported they were either fully vaccinated or received the first dose with plans to receive the second dose; 27% reported they were not vaccinated at all; and 1% reported they received the first dose but do not plan on receiving the second dose. The vaccine has only been available for under 18-year-olds for a few months.

The survey found that the LGBTQ+ youth who spoke Spanish as their primary language were more likely to receive the vaccination rate (81%) compared to English or another language as their primary language.

“Understanding their views and attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination is crucial to managing and ending this pandemic,” Mardi Moore, the executive director of Out Boulder County, an LGBTQ youth advocacy organization, said in a statement on Jan. 10.

The survey “elevates voices” of BIPOC and white LGBTQ+ youth who “are too often ignored by the medical establishment and society,” said Moore.

There were discrepancies between vaccination rates and financial status. Those who reported they do not have the finances to meet basic needs were more likely to not be vaccinated and this gap widened when broken down by race. Only 27% of white low-income LGBTQ+ youth between 12- and 17-years old were vaccinated while their BIPOC counterparts were vaccinated at 80%.

Low-income LGBTQ+ youth between 18- and 24-years-old were vaccinated at lower rates (40%) compared to counterparts who have more financial resources.

However, only 27% of low-income LGBTQ+ youth reported they were reluctant to receive the vaccine compared to 59% of respondents who are not low-income.

“Studying vaccination rates as well as views, attitudes, and barriers to vaccination at these intersections of identities revealed valuable data that should inform efforts to promote vaccination… The data clearly reveal that a person’s socio-economic status and identity impacts their views toward vaccination and their successful uptake of the vaccine,” Director of Education and Research at Out Boulder county Mical Duffy said in a statement.

According to Out Boulder County and El Centro AMISTAD, the survey was available in English and Spanish and conducted via Survey Monkey. The two groups offered incentives to complete the survey that included being entered in a drawing for twenty $25 gift cards, two professional soccer match tickets and three soccer balls.

See the full report here or download the report attached to the bottom of this story for your convenience.

2021 Youth Vaccine Survey Report FINAL
Download PDF • 1.11MB

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