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  • Nic F. Anderson

Breaking News: Snow Accumulation in All 5 Boroughs, Where To Seek Emergency Shelter

The winter storm warning was issued for New York City at 7 p.m. Friday and expires at 7 p.m. Saturday. New York City will most likely see four to eight inches of snow while other parts of New York are preparing for possible two feet as the Nor’Easter rages on.

Gothamist reported that meteorologist Garrett Argianas said that the snow we’re seeing is the lighter and fluffier typer compared to the heavy, wet type of snow that can cling to trees and power lines, causing them to fall down which can leave people without power.

As of 12 p.m. Jan. 29, there are no reports of major power outages for Con Edison or PSE&G customers.

Between last night and an hour ago, parts of New Jersey have seen up to 15 inches of snow and New York City has experienced roughly 8 inches of snow, according to the National Weather service.

The city is recommending that residents stay home and seek shelter. If you have to leave the house, wear layers, bring a flashlight, food and water in your vehicle or on your person (if you’re taking public transportation) in case of an emergency. The cold temperature is dangerous because it creates a perfect scenario for snow to stack and blow around easier, making visibility difficult and driving risky.

Spending time in cold temperatures and winter weather can cause injury or death especially for people who are at risk (people who are unhoused, struggle with addiction, are 65-years-old or older, have diseases, have developmental or mental conditions, etc).

On average there are 15 cold-related deaths, 150 emergency department visits and 255 hospital admissions due to being exposed to the winter elements.

To keep an eye on the weather, see the National Weather Service’s tracker.

The law requires building owners to provide heat and hot water to tenants. If you or someone you know does not have heat or hot water, call 3-1-1 or visit the city’s website.

Where to seek shelter in NYC if you do not have a home:

“If you have a question about accessing shelter or other services, including if you have been denied access to shelter, please call 1-888-358-2384, the Crisis Intervention emergency hotline, and leave a detailed message, including your phone number,” the Coalition for the Homeless said.

LGBTQ+ Resources:

New Alternatives

Ali Forney Center

Trinity Place Shelter

Covenant House

The Bridge Fund

8 LGBTQ-Friendly Programs in NYC for housing

The Center

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