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  • Robert C. Kukla

Oh, Schitt! It's Really Over


Schitts Creek aired its highly anticipated series finale on April 7. It left fans, like myself, in tears; showing us how far these characters have come.

The Canadian sitcom on Netflix follows a wealthy family who suddenly lose all their money after their financial manager swindles them. Their only saving grace is to move to a hole in the wall town, “Schitts Creek,” that they purchased as a joke. Throughout the series, they learn to adapt to their new surroundings, form relationships with the people who live in this town and grow as individuals while realizing that at the end of the day, love and family is what is most important.

One thing I really enjoy about this show is the way it handles queer representation. David, played by TV show creator Dan Levy, is pansexual. Throughout the series, we get to see his journey of self discovery and accepting himself while witnessing a very swoon worthy romance between him and his partner Patrick, played by Noah Reid.

In the series finale, we witnessed their wedding which fans have been anticipating since the end of the fifth season.

Queer representation is handled in a way that is unique to how LGBTQ+ characters are portrayed typically. Often, LGBTQ+ characters in television fall into two categories: they’re either portrayed in the midst of struggle and turmoil or they are portrayed in a comedic way that can sometimes feel as a mockery.

What makes Schitts Creek different is that Dan and Patrick are portrayed in a way where their queer identities are simply a part of who they are and it isn’t the focal point of their character development. Everyone knows who they are, and treats them simply like a couple in love with each other, and that feels very refreshing to see.

In the finale, we see Dan walk down the aisle, we get to see the two exchange vows. It just feels natural, like any other wedding ceremony. Perhaps this is one reason why this show resonates with so many queer people. We are finally being portrayed as having a normal life, just like everyone else.

I am sad to see this show end because this show, which I started watching on a whim, has come to mean so much to me in the end. I hope Dan Levy goes on to do more work in television. He is a much needed talent in the TV industry.

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