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  • Robert C. Kukla

Four LGBTQ+ Shows to Revisit and Watch While Self-Isolating

With more and more cases of positive COVID-19 reports surfacing, social distancing and self quarantine is becoming more important. Following the new “rules” will help reduce the virus from spreading and hopefully fast track us getting us back to our “normal” way of life. Following the rules don’t always have to be boring - it is the perfect time to binge watch something on your favorite streaming service. The following TV shows with queer representation are perfect to watch during this time.

Steven Universe: The Crystal Gems are a team of magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe. The three main Crystal Gems, Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet, together with Steven, who is half human half gem work together and go on magical adventures to keep earth safe from evil gems who want to conquer the planet. Rebecca Sugar, who identifies as non-binary, is the creator of the show and the show explores themes of gender identity and inclusion, which isn’t often depicted in children’s programming and this is definitely a show the whole family can sit down and enjoy.

Schitts Creek: the premise of this show is simple, a wealthy family suddenly loses everything and now has to move to this hole in the wall town and start over. Essentially think Beverly Hillbilly’s in reverse, but what I love about this show is the pansexual representation and one of the cutest relationship arcs I’ve ever seen. Watching the relationship develop between Patrick and David will make you smile gleefully and are the definition of relationship goals.

Sense8: Honestly one of the most diverse shows I have ever watched on television. Not only do we have characters of different cultural identities, but we also have a variety of queer identities in this one. We follow a group of 8 strangers from around the world who are all connected through their ability to experience the senses of one another. For example, when one character feels sexual pleasure, they can all feel it. Together they work to stop a group of evil government workers who want to exterminate them. This show is a little harder to explain, but trust me in saying that this series will hook you from the very beginning.

Golden Girls: finally I couldn’t make this list without including my personal favorite, Golden Girls. By now most people know what this show is about, the adventures of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sofia who are a group of older women living together and trying to navigate life. The reason I included this though is because this show was groundbreaking for its time, not only tackling LGBTQ+ issues, but other issues such as immigration and homelessness, which normally wasn’t discussed in 80s television.

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