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  • Nic F. Anderson

Queer Catch Up: Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

Welcome back to yungmiga’s Queer Catch Up, a weekly post where folks can catch up recent queer news and pop culture.


News round-up

Photo of Roxsana Hernández’ via Diversidad Sin Fronteras

The United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) admitted the footage of Roxsana Hernández’s death was deleted. Hernández was a transgender migrant who was being detained in an Arizona detention center right before she died in a different facility in New Mexico.

Advocates from the Washington, D.C., nonprofit “Transgender Center for Equality,” were the ones who asked for the footage and have filed several lawsuits against the private prison company that runs the facility. One of the lawsuits were filed in New Mexico's 1st Judicial District Court on Oct. 23.

The 33-year-old woman from Honduras, was being held at the federal Cibola County Correctional Center in Milan, New Mexico, a facility owned by CoreCivic, a for-profit prison company contracted with the U.S. federal government. It is currently the only ICE detention center with a transgender women unit.

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University of Memphis library by Ben Sherman

Frat boys threaten to kill two gay University of Memphis students at off-campus party, telling them: "You don't belong here, f*ggot. I’m going to beat the f*ck out of you. I’m going to beat the life out of you." The university is now investigating the incident.

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Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission homepage

Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission member said he is going to resign, following his derogatory Facebook posts about transgender and homosexual individuals coming to light. “I joined the Human Rights Commission to make a difference, not to cause discomfort or disappointment,” El said in a statement Saturday, “and the latter is sadly what’s taken place.”

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Equality Virginia, hosted it's sixth annual Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit (TIES) event Saturday at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. The event is aimed to help transgender and non-binary community individuals in the community by providing more resources. The event also featured panel discussions featuring transgender advocacy for people of color.

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