LGBTQ+ Instagram Accounts to Follow | Oct. 20, 2019 edition

In light of certain social media platforms purposing deleting and shadow banning LGBTQ+ accounts for posting harmless LGBTQ+ content, I will post a round-up of LGBTQ+ instagram accounts to follow every Sunday.

LGBTQ+ Instagrammers can open up the world to folks who are in search of finding people similar to them. Connections made with people online either from collaborations, in the comment sections, or whatever, can lead to ever lasting friendships in real life.

Supporting LGBTQ+ artists is crucial; the easiest way to support someone is to give them attention.

Here are this week's LGBTQ+ Instagrammers:

@QueerHotSauce @QueerHotSuace is a meme account with "queer and spicy original content."

@Theangryambisextress This bisexual instagrammer posts a "queer intersectional feminist response to all things unfair."

@Lesbimemez Instagrammer maddie is a lesbian meme maker that posts "sapphic memes for lesbian & bi bbs." Her posts celebrate "all wlw and their rich history + memeing ability."

@overheardlesbians Overheard lesbian quotes.

@Frustratedlesbian @FrustratedLesbian is not a queer instagrammer as she doesn't wish to be called queer, but @FrustratedLesbian's memes are way too good to not put on this list. @FrustratedLesbian is a self-proclaimed "frustrated dyke." She is indigenous, two-spirit and a lesbian meme maker. Even though she's on hiatus, still give her a follow.

@lavender__archivist This instagrammer is a Californian living in Chicago. They're an archivist and post queer history, art, media & culture buff.

If you are a LGBTQ+ Instagrammer or know someone who should be featured, please let me know by sending me an email at with the subject line as "LGBTQ+ instagrammer" or by tagging @yungmiga on the instagrammer's page.

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