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  • Nic F. Anderson

Cold Chillen: Missing My Baby Selena

On April 16th, Cold Chillen hosted a tribute event for Selena Quintanilla to celebrate her birthday, life, music, and long-lasting legacy. Cold Chillen is an event management group from Chicago that holds pop up parties and celebrations only accessible via an online RSVP days or weeks beforehand, which always fill up and sell out immediately.

Selena’s tribute night was held at Untitled Supper Club, located at 111 W. Kinzie and the plans of the night were amazing – pizza, cake, Perla de Mexico mariachi band, live painting, custom nail decals, a photo booth, goodie bags with customized Selena pins, and DJs! To make a great event even better, a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Selena Quintanilla Foundation, which was set up three months after her murder to give children the opportunity to stay in school.

Upon arrival and ID checking, the security guards handed out white roses. Afterwards, patrons walked down the beautiful staircase to check in with the table which is where the Selena pins were given out. There were dozens of pizza boxes, a full-service bar and a photo/video montage of Selena playing on TV screens with of course, Selena music playing.

At 9 PM, the Perla de Mexico mariachi band played, where every member of the group took turns singing – absolutely beautiful. After their performance, Silvia, one of the Cold Chillen members, alongside another Cold Chillen member, took the stage with a customized Selena birthday cake, to which the whole audience sang happy birthday and helped blow out the candles.

DJs then took over the stage to remix some of Selena’s top hits; a majority of the crowd ran to the dance floor as soon as Bidi Bidi Bom Bom played. What’s next for Cold Chillen? We will have to wait and see.

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