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  • Nic F. Anderson

Hola Chola and Cold Chillen: Pop-Up Shop and Celebration

Cold Chillen, a hip Chicago event management group teamed up with Susanna Gonzalez Torres, creator and founder of Hola Chola Inc., to bring her designs to Chicago on February 2. Susanna is on tour of the United States and with each stop in a new city, fresh and individualized items are made. Chicago had its own customized clothing featuring Our Lady of Guadalupe on jean and camo jackets and other beautiful, intricate, and creative pieces inspired from Mexican culture.

The event was held in Pilsen's National Museum of Mexican Art to celebrate Susanna and her designs. To get into this exclusive pop-up shop, you had to RSVP on the Cold Chillen website, and spaces filled up fast. Within one hour, all of the spots on the RSVP list were full.

When the day of the celebration arrived, people in attendance were able to see some of Chicago's best old school lowriders from the Neighborhood Legends and Streetwise Car Club, get their nails painted with Mexican inspired designs (courtesy of Hush Salon), and dance the night away with music provided by Freddy Phatz. There were Hennessy sponsored but paleteria inspired drinks – Hola Chola (Hennessy and Agua Fresca de Piña), Lowrider (Hennessy and Horchata), and Cold Chillen (Hennessy and Agua Fresca de Fresa).

After several songs, the woman of the night, Susanna, took the mic and delivered a very moving speech about how her life, hardships, and Mexican culture inspired her to get where she is now. She is a very powerful, confident, and strong woman - definitely someone to look up to.

For more information, please visit:

Instagram: @HolaCholaInc

Cold Chillen Event Management

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