Goodbye, The Wright Times Newspaper

Today marked my last day acting as Editor-in-Chief for The Wright Times newspaper. I'm extremely sad to go, but I'm ecstatic to finally graduate and receive my Associate’s Degree. It's been a rollercoaster of two years for both the newspaper and myself. We had good days and bad days. The newspaper has come a long way in the past couple months – Starting from scratch, we revived and rebuilt the newspaper. I couldn't be any prouder of everything that we have accomplished thus far. I am eager to see what it will be and where the remaining newspaper staff members will take it.

I beam with pride and joy when I think of this semester's newspaper staff. Together, we brought the newspaper to a level of excellence that it hasn't been in a quite some time. It would not have been possible without this semester’s staff. I've watched them improve as writers and grow as people. I watched freshmen reporters come out of their shell and have seen each one of them grow more passionate about journalism each day. It is very refreshing being surrounded by people who share the same passions as you. I have the utmost confidence in this newspaper staff to continue to run the newspaper but become more efficient, streamlined, and perfect with every edition. I already have plans to return to Wright in ten years to see what has become of The Wright Times newspaper.

As I reflected on my time on the newspaper, I realized a few things...

In 2015, I started off as a staff reporter with no journalism experience, just a love for writing. I was so proud of the first article I wrote – I thought it was perfect…until the Editor-in-Chief, Dominik, handed me back my rough draft. The whole article was covered in red. It was that day that I learned about the inverted pyramid. I rewrote that first article several more times until it was approved. But that moment of approval… was a satisfying feeling. I still have that first draft. I keep it to remind myself where I started, always take criticism to improve, and to never stop learning.

After being a staff reporter for several months, I was honored with moving up the newspaper rank to Editor of Arts and Culture. It was this position that made me realize that time management is very important. Between all three jobs, school, and the newspaper, I felt a little overwhelmed at first. After much patience, trial and error, I finally found myself getting in the swing of things.

I became Editor-in-Chief in April 2016. This position has taught me so many things about journalism, life, and myself. It taught me how to become a better writer, how to be more patient with others, more resilient, and how to be an efficient leader of my peers and people whom are older than me. The newspaper is where I learned that I am a closeted perfectionist - you would never tell by the mess that I call my room, but evidently, I am. I learned that it's okay to ask for help and that it's unhealthy to try to do everything myself. But most importantly, I learned that even when it seems the world around you is going up in flames, you need to find the extinguisher and get back to business. Every single meme about being a journalist is true. There have been many times where I didn't sleep for 2-3 days to meet deadlines, I've cried more times than I'm willing to admit because the computer crashed on deadline day and the layout was wiped clean, I've yelled at a computer a few times, consumed too much coffee that people became concerned, and I've ranted to friends and loved ones about things that didn't go the way I hoped for. I've made so many wonderful connections with students, faculty, and staff. I've become friends with other school's newspaper staff whom I keep in contact with. I am thankful and honored to have been given this opportunity. I will always remember my time as the Editor-in-Chief. Thank you, everyone, for supporting The Wright Times newspaper.

As hard as it is for me to close this chapter of my life, I am excited to see what life has in store for me. But my journalism days are not behind me just yet, quite the opposite, they are just beginning.

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