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  • Nic F. Anderson

Bad Ass of the Month: Lili Murphy-Johnson

(Photo Courtesy of Lili Murphy-Johnson)

Bad Ass Woman of the Month is focused on women; who they are, what they do, why they do it, and why they’re so bad ass.

What makes Lili a bad ass? She finds inspiration in menstruation and makes periods pretty.

Lili Murphy-Johnson, finds her inspiration in menstruation. Her collection, “On the Rag,” is entirely surrounded around the three stages of the menstruation cycle; the primary hormonal mood swings, the feminine products, and lastly, the actual occurrence of the monthly bleeding.

When asked how she [Murphy-Johnson] came up with the idea and how she started her collection, she shared, “It mainly started from exploring PMS [premenstrual syndrome] and the irritating, annoying sides of having your period. I tried to replicate the clumsiness and bloating.”

(Photo Courtesy of Lili Murphy-Johnson)

“On the Rag” takes the negative thoughts and ideas surrounding the menstrual cycle, and turns it into a beautiful and celebrated occurrence. There is no way around it, a majority of women menstruate once a month for a huge portion of their lives. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, it's a natural occurance, and now you can wear it.

The “On the Rag” collection includes ‘period paraphernalia’ jewelry and articles of clothing that are embroidered with red beads, mocking period stains. When asked how she actually made the period paraphernalia jerwerly, she replied, “For this collection, I really enjoyed the classic jewelry making techniques, like casting and etching and stone setting. I enjoyed working this way with a concept that isn't usually associated with fine jewelry”.

She then shared that her favorite piece to make from her collection was the ‘Period Paraphernalia Charm Bracelet’ which has replicated and miniature feminine product charms such as tampons, box of maxi pads, and sanitary wipes.

(Photo Courtesy of Lili Murphy-Johnson)

The collection promotes a positive image for women and girls of all ages; allowing them to know and understand that this is something that is a natural occurrence and shouldn’t have to be ashamed of it.

When asked for her future and long run plan, Lili Murphy-Johnson hopes to one day have her own jewelry store.

To take a look at her entire collection visit: You can also follow her on twitter @Lili_murjoh.


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