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  • Nic F. Anderson

Bad Ass of the Month: Dominique Ashanti

(Photo courtesy of Dominique Ashanti.)

What makes Dominique a bad ass?

She’s a business woman AND college student.

Only in her early twenties, Dominique Ashanti is already a successful woman who created and runs her own business, Baked Canvas, which is an on-the-go cupcakery. .

Based in Chicago and in the process of looking for a permanent location, she currently generates customer's orders and arranges the jarred goods to be picked up or delivered to lucky consumers. Most of her customers come from word of mouth or find out about Baked Canvas via social media.

“I started the business with the mission that customers could order and be able to explore their artistic tastebuds. There have been countless times when I have walked into a bakery and they continuously offer the same flavors. I like to try new things. I like to be challenged. My goal is that individuals can try flavors that they have never had before and hopefully really enjoy it!” Dominique shared.

(Photo courtesy of Dominique Ashanti.)

Starting in the baking business all by herself only a few summers ago, it has grown into a complete production. It was officially launched in September 2015 under the name, ‘Cake by Dominique Ashanti’ and was relaunched in January of 2016 under the current name, Baked Canvas. She learned how to bake from her aunt, who she said she still runs ideas by when coming up with new cupcake concepts.

She shared some of the challenges that she’s face with, “I often forget that I am only one person and cannot create too many flavors at once. Another challenge that I am having is balancing my business with my school work. My business is based in Chicago but I attend school in Michigan. It gets hard trying to commute back and forth, so I cannot always sell my jars to my customers.”

Dominique absolutely loves what she does and finds that it is most rewarding when people are happy and satisfied. She hopes that in the long run to open up a permanent bakery and have a food truck for Baked Canvas; allowing her business to expand.

When asked for advice to give other woman who want to start their own business, this is what Dominique said, “The advice I have for other women wanting to start their own business, is just do it. If its all you think about, if you can't dream of yourself doing anything else, start a business plan, make it happen. Don't limit yourself.”

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( Photo courtesy of Dominique Ashanti.)


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