An Open Letter to Those Who Are Hurting

To the ones with the broken hearts, the ones who love too hard, the ones who were cheated on, and everyone else that's hurting in any way: I'm right there for and with you.

It's really hard admitting that you're hurting inside and that your heart is broken. It's painful to live a normal life when you're emotionally and physically upset 24/7. It's difficult to needing someone to talk to but not be able to explain the depth of your pain. It's really awful waking up in the morning, knowing that you have to put on a brave face and smile for the world. I know because I'm there with you.

I know how awful it is having to be the strong one. How it feels like you’re not allowed to have anything to be upset about because “it could always be worse”. Yes, that’s true, it can always be worse. Our pain and sufferings aren’t any less or any more important than anyone else’s, we are all allowed to feel emotions freely.

One day we will wake up in the morning, and the pain won't be there anymore. We won't even notice it at first, we will go on living our lives. We will be able to sing along to the radio at the top of our lungs, feel confident even with a terrible haircut, laugh at silly animals, and stop feeling so horrible. Time will go on and we will start to feel better and better every day. Someone or something will come across our path and remind us of when we were suffering. We will still feel pain every now and then, but that's normal. We're human, our feelings are valid.

No one, especially myself, wants to hear that, “Time heals all pain”. We don’t want to have to wait for time to make us feel better; we want it now. We don’t get to pick and choose the things that happen to us that make us upset; that’s just how the world works. Each and everyone of us has something that we struggle with or have struggled with, something that we feel sad about, something terrible that happens to us. No one is “lucky”. Everyone hurts and copes differently, so remember that the next time you begin to judge someone. We don’t want to be judged for our pain, so why would or should we judge others?

One day, we'll be able to enjoy all of the things that we loved once before. We will want to look at the couples who are in love once more. We will be able to trust someone enough to break down the walls that we built around our hearts. One day, we will love again and be able to live carefree again.

But for now, we must confront our pain head on. We have to stop looking back, we must move forward towards the healing process. We must begin to heal ourselves before we can feel okay again. Just like the growth of flowers, this will take some time, but if we nurture ourselves a little bit more everyday, we will be just like the beautiful flower.

If you need help healing, don't worry. It's easy to feel alone during this process, but you're not. Call your parents, grandparents, your best friends, a sibling, or even a psychiatrist; call anyone who feel that you can trust. I know it's hard, I'm there with you; together we can get through anything.

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