Sami Ciroc's Case Was Dismissed

Chicago's very own home grown, Sami Ciroc, is an up and coming rapper in the Chicago area. He got his start in the music business when he was just becoming a teenager, and said, "I started doing it because it was fun, I never had the mindset of getting rich."

Ciroc taught himself how to make and produce his own music. Ciroc said, "I enjoy making music. I want people to be able to relate to my music, feel better and know that someone has been there too". Sami Ciroc listened to Taking Back Sunday and Blink-182 growing up. Ciroc draws inspiration from his daily life experiences, writes his own lyrics and get beats from producers that he knows. Then he went on to share that he had to learn how to have more courage. It takes courage to show raw emotions and produce it for the rest of the world. It takes courage to bring your own unique style to the mic and to be yourself; not to sound like everyone else. It takes courage to continue producing music when there is the misconception that rap and hip hop is bad for the community. In his opinion, Ciroc believes today's most influential rappers are Kayne West and Lupe Fiasco. If Ciroc could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, he would choose Drake. Ciroc had a few words of advice to others who are trying to get their music out to the world, "Be yourself; don't change what you're doing because people will like it, no one will notice you if you're just like everyone else."

Ciroc shared that he's been working on a new mixtape since February and its release date is coming up very soon! Also, he's planning on performing in the upcoming Fall of 2015. Ciroc's music can be found on soundcloud:

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