Subterranean and Cliche 3OH!3 Songs

On Tuesday, July 14th, 2015, my friend Haley and I went to the Subterranean to see Brennan Zweig, People Like You, Gulfers and Bad Bad Meow. It was a very last minute decision, the show had already started by the time we arrived. The Subterranean is in Chicago's Wicker Park, on 2011 W. North Ave, right off of the Damen Blue Line stop. The place is very easy to miss unless there's music playing, then like a hippie, you just follow the music.

When my friend and I walked in, they asked for IDs. Although it was an all ages show, there is still a bar inside, so I had to pull out my driver's license. Let me be one hundred percent honest to you... I was very, very, very salty when I had two big sharpie X's drawn on the back of my hands. Not because it's a reminder that I'm only weeks away from being twenty-one, but because I didn't know places actually did that still. But mainly because I felt like the cliche 3OH!3 song. For all of you young children who don't know who 3OH!3 is, the song is called, "Don't Trust Me" and goes just like this:

"X's on the back of your hands, Wash them in the bathroom to drink like the bands. And the set list (set list), You stole off the stage..."

So on and so forth. But unlike the girl that was sung about in the song, I didn't wash the X's off my hands in the bathroom to drink like the bands. I was there to enjoy the music.

Since our decision to stop in was last minute, we missed the first band, but got to watch People Like You and Gulfers. The room was filled with all sorts of people. There were your wanna be hipsters (it's Wicker Park, yo). The classic bearded hipsters who were wearing vegan shoes, that of course snapped their fingers when the song ended (because clapping is TOO mainstream, but hey, to each their own). Then you had the band guys who hung out in the crowd. There was pretty much a little something of everything.

The venue was pretty small and I definitely wish I knew I was going to go to an impromptu concert, because I would have definitely not had so much stuff shoved into my already heavy bag and worn better shoes. But beauty is pain, so OH WELL!

Call me a music brat if you will, but I have a lot of experience when it comes to good music. I grew up in a household that listened to the best of the best, and plus, my father is in a rock band. So I've grown up going to rock concerts all my life. I was also lucky enough to be born with the gift of the ear. I have excellent hearing; I can hear when someone is off rhythm, even if it's the first time hearing a song. That being said... The bands that we did get to see were pretty decent. However, People Like You and Gulfers gave me flashbacks to being at Warped Tour. There isn't anything wrong with that, I just felt like I should have been wearing red skinny jeans, a band tee of some sort and vans.

After those two bands performed, we saw and listened to Bad Bad Meow. Let me tell you: anytime a band has two bassists that also double up as keyboardists and one plays a standing bass, you're in for a real treat. But think ear treat, not food treat. These guys were totally out of this world, and they were awesome. There weren't any vocals, which in their case, there honestly didn't need to be any. Bad Bad Meow had smooth and invigorating rhythms that spoke to and awoke my soul. They even channeled my previous life as a hippie at Woodstock, which usually only Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and other classics can do. I found myself not wanting their set to end, but with all things, it did come to an end.

I will definitely be on the look out for the next time they come to Chicago:

So pretty much, I paid eight bucks and had my previous life stimulated. Then my friend and I hung out with one of the band members from People Like You. We teased him all night about his East Coast slang, so I would say that the night was definitely a success.

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