The Taste is Going to Miss The Original Rainbow Cone

Ahhh… The Original Rainbow Cone with orange sherbert, pistachio, palmer house, strawberry and chocolate all in one. Eating a Rainbow Cone at least once a year is probably one of my favorite childhood memories. I used to get every time my family and I visited my mom's old neighborhood past the south side of Chicago. Then I would wait it out in the line every time I went to the Taste of Chicago.

Joseph Sapp and his wife, Katherine Sapp, created and opened the Original Rainbow cone shop in 1926 on Western and 92nd Street. The two hit success pretty quickly, and as years went by, the booming business stayed in the family (I wish I was a Sapp). The most current owner, granddaughter, Lynn Sapp took over in 1986. She was the one who introduced the Rainbow Cone to the rest of Chicago by bringing it to the Taste of Chicago for the last twenty-eight years.

Wait, what? It's not going to be at the Taste of Chicago?! WHY!!!!!?? It's been a twenty-eight year tradition for Rainbow Cone to be at the Taste!

I did some investigating and found out that Lynn Sapp (owner of the Western location) said that they are skipping the Taste this year because of personal reasons and because they are expanding and adding two more stores! The locations of where these will be haven't been released yet (sigh), but my fingers are crossed for a location near me! However Lynn Sapp plans to return next year, which is acceptable…I guess (I want it and I want it now!).

Although I'm one very disappointed young lady, I truly understand. The mass influx of people (Chicagoans, Illinoisans, and tourists, of course) that come through the Taste of Chicago requires a lot of work; it takes days to prepare that much ice cream and cones. Because think about it; when you're busy getting two more stores to open, that's a lot of extra and unnecessary work. I'm looking forward to Rainbow Cone's appearance next year and the years to come. For now more information, visit the Original Rainbow Cone website!

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