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  • Nic F. Anderson

12 LGBTQ+ Books Coming in 2023

A myriad of queer books came out in 2022 and are coming out this year. Queer on the Street was approved for advanced reader copies and will be post reviews over the next few weeks. Here's a sneak peak of our agenda:

Becoming Emily Novak by Audrey Beth Stein

Releasing on Jan. 31, 2023

Publisher Description: “A coming-of-age novel about a queer Jewish girl who finds her calling through the camera lens… and about the family that shapes her. Emily Novak's younger brother Zack is the rebellious one in their family. Ivy-League-bound Emily witnesses Zack's journey from behind her camera, cowed by the weight of her parents' confusing expectations and the aftermath of an extended family schism she doesn't want to think about. An unexpected college heartbreak with a woman sends Emily even further into a cocoon. As Emily struggles over two decades to find the courage to make her own choices, she observes that her brother's adventures are bringing him a confidence that she envies. She's also aware of the rising cost of Zack's decisions... as well as her own. Can Emily find a way to be faithful to both herself and the people she loves most? And if she dares to ask the questions, stand her ground, and let her heart open again, might she even find something good?”

Sorry, Bro by Taleen Voskuni

Releasing on Feb. 2, 2023

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTION: “When Nar’s boyfriend gets down on one knee and proposes to her a San Francisco bar, she realises it’s time to find someone who shares her idea of romance. Enter her mother who wants Nar to settle down with a nice Armenia boy. Armed with a spreadsheet of Facebook-stalked men, she convinces Nar to attend 'Explore Armenia', a month-long festival of events in the city. But it’s not the parentally-approved playboy doctor or wealthy engineer who catches her eye - it’s Erebuni, a cool and intriguing young woman fully intouch with her heritage. Suddenly, with Erebuni as her guide, the events feel like far less of a chore, and much more of an adventure. Erebuni helps Nar see the beauty of their shared culture and makes her feel understood in a way she never has before. But there’s one teeny problem: Nar’s not exactly out as bisexual. ”

Am I Trans Enough? by Alo Johnston

Releasing on Feb. 21, 2023

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTION: “Alo Johnston has been where you are. From watching every transition story on YouTube and navigating online message boards for answers to finally starting testosterone and transitioning himself, he now walks alongside you every step of the way to guide you towards acceptance of who you truly are. Born out of thousands of hours of research and conversations with hundreds of trans people, Am I Trans Enough? digs deep into internalized transphobia and the historical narratives that fuel it. It unveils what happens after you come out, or begin questioning living as a trans person, in a world that works against you. Use this book as a space to engage with your fears and explore your doubts without the pressure of needing to be a perfect trans representative. If you are just beginning your trans journey, are twenty years into transition or have no idea if you are even trans at all, this book will help you to become your most authentic self.”

Sounds Fake But Okay by Sarah Costello and Kayla Kaszyca

Releasing on Feb. 21, 2023

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTION: “True Love. Third Wheels. Dick pics. 'Dying alone'. Who decided this was normal? Sarah and Kayla invite you to put on your purple aspec glasses - and rethink everything you thought you knew about society, friendship, sex, romance and more. Drawing on their personal stories, and those of aspec friends all over the world, prepare to explore your microlabels, investigate different models of partnership, delve into the intersection of gender norms and compulsory sexuality and reconsider the meaning of sex - when allosexual attraction is out of the equation. Spanning the whole range of relationships we have in our lives - to family, friends, lovers, society, our gender, and ourselves, this book asks you to let your imagination roam, and think again what human connection really is.”

Sounds Like Fun by Bryan Moriarty

Releasing on March 30, 2023