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About Queer on the Street


Queer on the Street began as YUNGMIGA, a general blog, about places and events happening on the north side of Chicago. in July 2015. In 2017, YUNGMIGA pivoted categories and began covering LGBTQ+ news, arts & culture and opinions.  In 2021, YUNGMIGA became Queer on the Street. 

We strive for honest, strong journalism while adhering to our values. Queer on the Street believes in transparency, inclusivity, diversity, and integrity in everything we do. 


At this time, pitches and articles from outside writers will not be accepted because QotS self-funded. We do not allow people to work free or little money - writers should be paid fairly. Eventually, when there's funding, we will open our arms to all of you queer journalists (BIPOC come to the front of the line!!). There will be an announcement when we are able to pay writers. 


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